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About Us

Friends of the Presidio and Museum

The Friends of the Tubac Presidio and Museum, Inc., a 501(3)(c) non-profit, was established in June of 2013. Our mission is to engage and educate the public by providing culturally enriching experiences that make the past more meaningful while also preserving history and our collection for future generations of visitors.


The Tubac Presidio Park contains historic buildings, a museum with exhibits covering 2,000 years of extraordinary Southwest history, an art gallery and ruins of the Spanish fort from the mid-1700's. The vast history found at the Park represents a multitude of cultures including Tohono O'odham, Apache, Mexican, Spanish, Territorial and American. All of our additional programs held at the park are inclusive to these groups and provide opportunities for the community to learn about one another.

These programs include art exhibitions, concerts, lectures, workshops, tours, hikes, demonstrations and cultural celebrations.


Our Park works closely with the official Ethnographic Team of the Tohono O'odham Nation. This relationship has helped to strengthen ties between cultures and create opportunities for collaboration and unity.


As a historical site, our Park helps to generate cultural growth through our exhibits and programming. Our education program allows students of all ages and backgrounds a unique opportunity to experience the rich history and peoples that have inhabited the Santa Cruz Valley over the last 2000 years. The education programs use various sensory activities which promote critical thinking, tolerance, creativity, inclusion and empathy. Educational methods include Visual Thinking Strategies, Learning to Look and STEAM.


The Tubac Presidio's past, present and future is a combination of diverse cultures. It is our duty to educate the community about these cultures. It is with inclusiveness, progression, networking, funding and determination that we will succeed at this goal.

Board of Directors

Tom Walsh, President and Treasurer

Robert Clancy, Vice President

Marty Sewell, Secretary

Mary Dahl, Director

Kent Blumenthal, Director

George Gessler, Director

Park Director:  Dr. Julie Robinson

In Person

1 Burruel Street

Tubac, Arizona 85646


PO Box 1296

Tubac, Arizona 85646-1296


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Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline, too.

(520) 398-2252

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