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You are the reason that the Tucson Presidio and Museum exists and continues to grow.  Your generous gifts over the years ensure that this renowned history-laden plot of land, structures, and artifacts flourishes.  You ensure that future generations learn of the cultural richness, deep history of the Glory of Tubac.

FOTTPAM is pleased to recognize the generosity of the following.  This is in recognition of cumulative gifts since the Friends was founded to support Our Presidio.

Presidio Sentinel Donors
Gifts of $5,000 or greater

​Donald Moschetti
David Mize
Jacqueline Lou Smith
Kathleen and Brian Vandervoet

Anza Guardian Donors
Gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

​Mary Dahl
Richard York & Carolyn Fowler

Kino Leaders Donors
Gifts of $1,000 to $2,499

Joanne Appleyard & Steve Page
John & Barbara Bird
Jim Counter
Randy & Connie Eary
Dennis & Deirdre Eshleman
Charles & Barb Galloway
Ilse Gudehus
Mindy Maddock

Robert & Charlotte Nelson
John & Nancy Peyton
Wayne Rognlin
Martha Sewell
Carol & Jim Swiggett
Karen & William Sykes
Tom & Heidi Walsh
Earl & Karen Wilson

Territorial Advocate Donors
Gifts of $500 to $999

Edmund Allen
Gary Brasher
Robert & Candi Clancy
Marty & Moreau Durkin
Terry & Margaret Loftus

Andi Miritello & Mary Lindely
Ock & Joanie Peterson
Robert Swartz
Dick & Mary Lou Taggart

Otero Protector Donors
Gifts of $250 to $499

John & Vicki Beaver
Kent Blumenthal &
Becky Charbonea
Keith & Judy Brown
Ron & Kathi Campana
Joanna Corrigan & Lew Mylar
John Duncanson
Diane Hemker
Patty Hilpert & John Cloninger
Alan & Polly Hyde

Mike & Betty Jacoby
John & Maureen King
Homero & Mary Lopez
Kathy & Bill Meeker
Jan Munger
Shauna Peery
Reid & Kate Penland
Ron Rogstad
Donna & Dana Shiver
Meg & Vic Vickery

Barrio Patron Donors
Gifts of $100 to $249

Harriet & David Aiken
Leon & Cathy Angel
Margaret Armbruster
Bob & Midge Binnewies
Debbie Bostian & Bob Ochoa
Brenda Camou
Frances Causey &
Catherine Marrero
John Farrell
Cindy Folsom & Jim Patterson
Mary & Jim Fuller
Charles Gardner
Joan Gordon
Todd & Loretta Harrison
Tom & Barbara Hill
Doug & Deborah Hocking
Anne Khan & Robert Casey
Kevin & Rebecca McMahon
Judy McNally
Larry Mello & Joyce Jackson
Anne Moore
Bob Moser
Randy & Lynn Nickles

Mary & George Clausen
Jean & John Combo
Gale & Sandy Dahlstrom
Mary & George Clausen
Bruce & Pat Dikeman
Maureen & Bob Doyle
Diane Drewery & Don Wilks
Barbara Espinosa
Ken & Penny Niemi
Randy & Paula Nye
Alyssia & Michael O’Rourke
Eric & Christine Priester
Bob & Alice Prigmore
Jay Ream
John & Lynn Scheuer
Bob & Connie Schmitz
Stephen & Jean Smith
Elizabeth Stewart
William Stewart
Karin Topping
Jennifer Tougas
Priscilla Welles
Susan Wolff



For more information about making a gift or questions about your gift or listing, please contact the Park Director or President of the Friends at or 520.398.2252.

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