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Cultivating curiosity and appreciation of local history and diverse cultural traditions through education and stewarding the Presidio’s resources for past, present, and future generations.


Volunteers and staff are critical to the success of the Presidio.  We celebrate them and strive to create a fun, fulfilling and safe work environment.


We commit to public accountability and operational transparency.

We strive to engage and include new and diverse audiences.

We value collaboration with organizations and individuals dedicated to conserving and protecting cultural and historical resources.


We value members and donors and acknowledge their importance to our ongoing success.

We honor the past by preserving and curating our collection through careful research, thoughtful reflection, truthful expression, and expert advice, striving to make historical events relevant to visitors’ experiences.


With integrity and transparency, we seek expert and wide-ranging knowledge as we preserve and curate the Presidio collection for everyone.


We place education at the center of our public service role and create meaningful experiences for a diversity of visitors through onsite offerings, programs, exhibits and special events.


Friends of the Tubac Presidio and Museum celebrate the vast history of the people and cultures that have shaped the local community. We commit to fostering an organization that is transparent, diverse, inclusive, and equitable for all.


We welcome people of all backgrounds, perspectives, culture, and experiences.


We understand that achieving equity for all is complex and will not be accomplished by simply treating everyone equally. All Tubac Presidio and Museum visitors, volunteers, staff, and stakeholders are treated with dignity and respect, alongside consideration for individual circumstances.


We commit to creating an environment in which all individuals and groups feel welcomed, respected, valued, and supported to participate in telling the story of the Tubac Presidio.

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